Monday, July 23, 2007

Inspiration {O}


Origami, literaly translated is "folding paper". Although we associate this with the Japanese art of shape making, we do it without realising in crafts such as teabag folding, lace and scrapbooking.
I like teaching children to fold simple shapes such as fans and airplanes to start then working up to more complicated ideas, but there is no limit to your imagination and creativity when it comes to folding paper!

The items above in the slide show were made using templates from this web site. Have a go and see how addictive it is!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Christmas {O}

Decorating the house in preparation for Christmas is a special family time for us. I love making ornaments with the children and have kept all of the ones they brought home from nursery, playgroup and school.

I have used a paper printed with the song words to "O Christmas tree" and have made two pages of different sizes with plain bazzill in between. The photo on the tag is of Molly decorating the tree for Christmas 2001.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Christmas {N}

I've taken the notebook I made for the Inspiration {N} and continued to decorate it to make myself a book of things to remember to do at Christmas.

As Caroline says, we all need lists to remind us of what we need to do, so my lists will be in my notebook. I've divided it into 5 sections: Things to do, Xmas cards to write, Gifts to buy, Shopping to get and Presents received (to make the thank you cards).

Each section has about 20 pages so this book should do me for a few years to come.

Inspiration {N} - Notebooks

I've chosen to show you how to alter a notebook for the Inspiration {N}. It's done as a slide show with many steps that I hope will guide you through the process to have a go at making your own. I've chosen to decorate mine in a Christmas theme as that will tie in nicely with the Bubbly Funk Christmas A-Z that I'm doing too.

Good luck, I hope I've made it easy for you to follow. Why not have a go and upload your books to the Bubbly Funk Gallery {here}