Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday 23rd September {Christmas T}

For my Christmas T page I have chosen Trees and Tags. Another idea for T is also Tinsel.

I made some tags last year but didn't use them for gifts, too mean to give them away I guess. So I decided it would be nice to incorporate them in the journal. I also like the picture of my Christmas Tree in the conservatory and the colours went well with the page.

Here is the finished outer and inner views of the page:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

{S} = Sewing onto Paper

I love sewing into paper. Its so easy and fun!!

You can hand sew or machine sew. If you want to try it by hand just lightly pencil in the area that you want to sew, prick holes with a needle a certain distance apart and then sew. Backstitch is easiest although you can go for the messy look and miss stitches here and there.

Preparing in advance is the key for hand sewing.

Machine sewing onto paper is my favourite though........its much the same as sewing with fabric. Make sure you keep a needle just for sewing with paper. Don't try and use it with fabric because it probably won't be as sharp and work so well with the two mediums, so keep the paper one separate.

Always ensure your bobbin has enough thread to finish the job. If your bobbin runs out of thread half way through and you carry on sewing not realising, you will then have empty holes that you will have to try and re-stitch over. Easier said than done.

I know when sewing with fabric at the end you double stitch over and over to ensure it doesn't unravel, well don't do this with paper - it will look messy! Just finish the stitching, turn to the wrong side and pull the end of the thread through, tie into a knot and then I always cover the knot with sellotape just to make sure it doesn't come undone. Obviously you want to sew where the reverse isn't going to be seen, although if it is just ensure a neater finish.

- you can sew together different pieces of cardstock/paper to create a mosaic effect.

- its a good way to attach another layer - gives an extra dimension and makes it more secure

- stitch around lettering

- a good way to secure vellum as glue will show through

- attach a pocket to hold journalling

- straight stitch or zigzag for effect

You can do so much with stitches on paper. You can do a perfectly straight line - always a good idea to lightly draw a line with pencil first though unless you are mega sure of your sewing skills! Or go for a deliberately wobbly line - this is one of my favourites as it doesn't matter how wobbly you go as its obvious it was meant that way!

I sew onto paper so much now that to me a project doesn't look finished until I have sewn, even if its just around the edge to create a frame. Give it a go - once you start there is no going back though!! My sewing machine lives permanently under my desk now so I have easy access just to lift it up onto my desk ready for the next project!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Christmas {S}

S is for stockings! The other options for this letter could be Santa, sellotape or sales!
Hanging out stockings is a tradition that has passed down through many generations. I remember hanging mine on the end of my bed(before stranger danger) and waking up to find it filled with a small pressie, an orange and some nuts. My children hang thiers outside thier bedroom doors and are so excited when they discover what's in them!

I have made the stockings with flaps which are hidden under the journalling to allow them to open.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Inspiration {R} Ribbon

How versatile is ribbon? Very. Here's a few things you can do with ribbon:

- Tie ribbon onto the book rings or spiral of books.
- Tie ribbon onto a paperclip for a fab embelly.
- Make a gatefold card or journalling space, set eyelets and then use ribbon in a lacing effect to close the gatefold.
- Use ribbon as a flower stem.
- Use short lengths of ribbon around a punched out circle to create a flower effect.
- Tie around a chipboard letter.
- Fold a short length of ribbon in half and staple to your project.
- Rubber stamp greetings onto a piece of cotton or twill ribbon.
- Use rub-ons on ribbon.
- Use dotty ribbon with stripey paper or vice versa.
- Add flowers to a length of ribbon to create a daisy chain effect.
- Fray ribbon ends for an aged look.
- Attach a charm to your page or card with thin ribbon.
- Create a pull-tag with a looped piece of ribbon.
- Thread thin ribbon through chunky buttons and tie.

Ooooooh I could go on and on. Ribbon is so versatile and I must admit I use it on probably every project!

Ribbon storage can be fun too. Find an old box, decorate and make holes to poke the ribbon through. Use a piece of wooden dowling across your workspace to hang ribbon reels on.

Or use messy baskets like me...........

Either way, have fun!!