Sunday, May 27, 2007

{K} for Knitting

Knitting used to be thought of as a more mature ladies pastime, but more recently Knitting has become big business with younger people too. The availability of many fab new yarns has given a lot of crafters the urge to make something and so the needles have come out.

Regardless of fashion I have knitted for years, I have knitted cardigans, jumpers, baby clothes and the classic scarf. Nowadays a scarf is what I turn my knitting hand to most of the time. So quick and easy and so fashionable too - my daughter is a great fan of my scarves to the point where her friends are asking me to knit them one too! (I have to graciously decline - I don't have so much spare time these days)!

Scarves need not be just about knitting a long length. You can add pom poms, ribbon, buttons, beeds, ooooh just about anything that can stand a wash! A couple of years ago I knitted family and friends a scarf each for Christmas. They were gorgeous chenille scarves with ribbon threaded through and as the wool is chunky they were quite quick to make.

To make a really quick scarf, you can use bigger needles. I have some mega chunky 15mm needles that will produce a really loose knit and you can, of course use any type of yarn. Chunky needles aren't just for chunky wool!

I fancy trying my hand at knitting a mobile phone cover. How easy would that be?! The width needs to be just slightly wider than the phone itself and the length would be 2.5 times the size of the phone. You then have a little flap which can be velcroed down or use a button! Funky.......

So get those needles out! I know its Summer (although the weather would have you think otherwise at the moment) but if you start now, you can have your Christmas pressies done and dusted so that you can enjoy December instead of panicing.......or is that just me........?!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Christmas {K} Page

Di O's {K} Page

For my Christmas {K} Page I chose Kings. I decided to utilise some of the beautiful Christmas cards we had received and I picked out the ones that represented the 3 Kings.

The little tags are ideal for journalling or additional photos, whatever you prefer.
It's a great way to use some of your old Christmas Cards.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

{J} Jewellery

We all love jewellery - and what fun to be able to make your own. Follow these simple instructions to make a fabby necklace that is suprisingly quick and easy to make!..........

pic 1: these are the tools, findings and beads required.

Clockwise from top left:
round nose pliers, pliers, wire cutters, eyepins, jump rings, brown waxed cord, selection of small coordinating beads, shell pendant and large wooden bead.

pic 2: cut the end off an eyepin and make a small closed loop at one end using the round nose pliers.

pic 3: open the right size jump ring using the pliers and put through the hole in the shell pendant and the loop on the eyepin. Close the jump ring completely.

pic 4: thread each bead onto a separate eyepin. Using the wire cutters, cut the eyepin leaving about a 1cm length above the bead.

pic 5: using the round nose pliers make a loop on each cut eyepin for each of the beads.

pic 6: thread the bead loops onto the eyepin that's attached to the shell pendant. They will fall into a cluster.

pic 7: thread the wooden bead onto the eyepin followed by a single bead to cover the opening of the wooden bead for neatness.

pic 8: make a loop at the end of the eyepin with the round nose pliers, making sure it is closed completely.

pic 9: thread the waxed cord through this final loop and cut a long length. You can then wear the necklace as short or as long as you would like simply by adjusting where you tie the knot.

How fab is this necklace! Go on - give it a go..........
Many thanks to Kaz for the great instructions and photos........

Friday, May 04, 2007

{J} Jack frost!

I chose "Jack frost" because I like the way the frost makes everything sparkle and glisten! Spider's webs are turned into jewels in the hedges and the stories told about Jack Frost are magical.