Sunday, February 25, 2007

Christmas {E}

Di W's {E} Page
I have chosen Christmas EVE and EXCITEMENT for {E}.

I started off with a piece of bazzill card as a backing and cut 2 circles from red themed paperand put them back to back.

I cut a letter E out on my Xyron and stuck the relief onto the middle of the circle. I coloured the E in and used a silver pen to draw inside it, then used a template to create the pattern around.

I stuck a small strip of the circle to the backing then used my sewing machine to create a hinge. I also used a zig zag stich around the border.

On the inside page I used the E cut out and wrote the words of the title. I had a piece of themed paper that had concentric circles, so I cut out the centre and wrote the journalling around the circles. Finally, I dreew some pictures to reprsent the journalling.

Di O's {E} Page

For my E page I have chosen ENJOY!

The first shaped flap folds out to reveal pictures on the inside and the 2nd flap folds out for journalling.

Under the 2nd flap are 3 more mini flaps that reveal small pictures and more journalling.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

{D} for Decorating Chipboard

Chipboard comes in a whole host of shapes and sizes and can look very effective on any craft.

There are many ways that you can decorate chipboard and I have set out a few examples of just some of the techniques that can be used.

1/. Simply covering this leaf shape with mulberry paper and then using a little embossing gel to create the main veins on the leaf.

2/. How about stamping yellow card and embossing with gold on this star chipboard. Finish off with a couple of buttons simply threaded with ribbon.

3/. Another option is to dry emboss a word onto white core card and rub off the top coloured layer as in this snow arrow below.

4/. A further example of covering with card only this time, one heart has been covered in decorative corrugated card and the other in simple white core card. Punch a hole and add raffia and add a button threaded with more raffia. Glue the two hearts together.

5/. Paint, this can be very effective, firstly a simply painted book plate with metallic acrylic to give off a fabulous metallic sheen.

Alternatively, paint a heart and add beads and tiny confetti hearts for decoration.

Painted flower chipboard. 3 different coloured acrylic paints make up this flower design. The petals are dabbed with embossing gel to give the illusion of rain drops.

6/. How about decorating with more chunky embellishments like the shells used in the next example.

I have tried to show you a few ways that you can decorate chipboard but as a challenge, we would love to see your creations this week.

Upload your creations to your blog or gallery and leave a link in the comments. Alternatively, upload to the Bubbly Funk gallery and we will post your pictures on here.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Christmas {D}

Rosie's Letter {D} - Decorated Tree

My A-Z of Christmas Journal is A5 in size and is a single page layout per letter. I have used a traditional backing paper on both my C and D pages.

I've inked the edges of the page with a moss green ink pad. Selected and decorated a Christmas Tree image with some funky red fibres to simulate tinsel. I've added flat backed jewels and gems as baubles and added a gold start brad to the top.

The tag I've edged with gold ink and attached using foam pads for depth.

Di O's Letter {D}

For my letter 'd' I wanted to use some pictures of some blue decorations I had put up in my hallway.

I made a fold out page, again with Basic Grey, and used a chipboard letter 'd' for the front. On the inside I hinged the largest picture and put journalling and a further picture underneath.

The front closes using a magnetic dot and I used beads to add a little sparkle.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

{C} is for COLOUR!!!

Colour Theory is quite an indepth subject and it is only skimmed lightly here to give you a general idea of how you can inject certain colours into your crafts to create certain moods. Each colour carries with it a feeling, a mood, an emotion and can have a huge impact on your scrapbooking page, card or wherever you use colour.


Red is associated with: Love, passion, desire, power, physical activity, determination, danger, energy, fire.

Red is the most emotionally intense and extroverted colour. Red is versatile and great as an accent color.


Orange is associated with: Sunshine, citrus, energy, health, playfulness, happiness, harvest, prosperity.

Orange is a hot colour but softer and not as aggressive as red. Can be a bit too much though in its purest form and is best balanced with cooler colours or different shades.


Yellow is associated with: Sunshine, light, warmth, playfulness, intellect, sociable, cheerful.

Yellow is the brightest of the true colours and the most difficult colour for the eye to process. Commonly used to attract attention when paired with black.


Green is associated with: Nature, renewal, growth, harmony, fertility, ecology, relaxation, money, prestige.

Green is the most restful colour to the human eye and the most predominant colour on the planet. As green is not an overwhelming colour it works with every hue.


Blue is associated with sky, water, heaven, tranquility, serenity, trust, loyalty, confidence, stability, wisdom, power, cleanliness.

Blue is a reassuring, serene, and calm colour. Dark hues are often used to denote authority, such as police uniforms, whilst the lighter hues suggest cleanliness and calm. Timeless and classic, blue can be used in large amounts without feeling overwhelming.


Purple is associated with: Regal, mysterious, bohemian, spiritual, luxurious, sophisticated, dignified, creative, magical.

Purple is a very rare colour in nature, but is a very popular choice. Becuase of its richness and depth, purple can overwhelm in large amounts.

We would love to see some of your craft projects showing colour, colour and a bit more colour!!