Thursday, December 20, 2007

Inspiration {Y} - Yearbook

I am so sorry for being late with this post. Inspiration just did not strike on time! With the lack of inspiration and preparing for Christmas, it was not a good recipe for me being timely.

What could the letter Y inspire you to do? What word starts with the letter Y?

Year The period of time; the Calendar Year, containing 365 days or in a leap year 366 days. It is divided into 12 calendar months and reckoned to be from 1st January to 31st December.

Why not think about making a Yearbook for 2008? It would only have to consist of 12 pages after all or have as many pages as you wanted to fill. For each month you could take one or more photographs that signify what that month means to you. It could be your birthday, Valentine's Day, a special Anniversary, a holiday, something happening in the lives of your children or something as simple as a walk in the park with the dog.

It doesn't have to be a 12"x12" scrapbook, you could choose the other popular sizes of 8"x8", 6"x6" or 8.5"x11".

You could use a simple, wire bound notebook which you could decorate the covers of, as long as you didn't make the contents too thick so as not to close properly. This would give you loads of space for journalling your thoughts too.

Why not set yourself the challenge in 2008 to make yourself a Yearbook? It would certainly be a lovely reminder to look back on. Imagine making one each year as a wonderful reminder of your children's developments as they grow up. How treasured would those books become? By documenting with pictures and words, no memory will fade away, they will always be there to look back on and remember times past; good or bad.

If you make yourself a Yearbook, then why not share it with us at Bubbly Funk? We would love to see it.

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